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I am a senior research engineer in the speech recognition team at Nuance Communication. At Nuance, I work on optimizing different algorithms in the speech to text pipeline (from signal processing to utterance detection and language models). 

Prior to joining Nuance, I obtained my Ph.D. from Khoury college of computer science at Northeastern University, where I worked in the Relational Agents Group under the supervision of Prof. Timothy Bickmore. 


My PhD research has been focused on leveraging AI and conversational agent technology to support some of the humans' tasks in a group decision-making setting. 


I have had two great internship experiences at Microsoft Research (summer 2015) and IBM Research (summer 2017) working with Mary Czerwinski and Vera Liao respectively.


Prior to coming to Northeastern, I received my B.Sc. in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2012 (Tehran, Iran).


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Work Experiences

My Research

My research has been focused on the design and development of Intelligent Conversational Agents in different contexts such as health, persuasion and group collaboration in the past four years.


My Ph.D. work is particularly focused on designing conversational agents that support collaborative tasks in the group setting. In my research, I seek to investigate how a conversational agent can facilitate group decision-making processes, such as enforcing the meeting structure, mediating intragroup conflicts, and reducing implicit bias with the goal of improving the overall quality of the group outcome.


You can read more about my research and thesis project here


Other Projects


Contact Me

I would always love to chat about research and other common interests. So please feel free to drop me a line here or email me if you are interested.

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